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Exhibitors from 2017 Annual Conference


Affordable Montessori Material Inc.


Brainspace Publishing Inc.


CCV Insurance & Financial Services Inc


E&O Montessori




Food for Tots




J.D. Grandt Piano Supply Co.


laLa wellness


Lee Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation


Louise Kool & Galt


Mindset Learning Tools


Mining Matters


Mirvish Productions


Montessori Materials by Lakeview


Montessori School of Shanghai


Montessori Teachers College


Montessori Wholesale Canada




Reptilia Zoo and Education Facility


Sentient HR Services


Spectrum Montessori Outlet


The Travelling Stage & Travelling Yoga


Thinkamajigs (formerly Perrytech Montessori)


Toronto Montessori Institute


Young People's Theatre






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