Our Board of Directors


The CAMT Board of Directors is elected by the CAMT membership. Executive membership is open to all full members of CAMT with a minimum of one year teaching experience. Members are nominated for the executive committee in early autumn and voting takes place at the annual general meeting held during the annual fall conference.


CAMT 2020-2021 Board of Directors


President: Claudia Langois

Past - President: Vacant

Vice-President/Treasurer: Terrence Millie

Secretary: Sarah Doughty

Director, Communications: Sarah Doughty

Director, Membership: Nandita Agarwala

Director, Programming: Pam Leudke

Director At Large: Matt Smith

Director At Large: Laura McDonald

Director At Large: Ankie Yip

Director at Large: Maryanne Thomson

Director at Large: Vacant

Interested in Volunteering?

Contact the CAMT office at info@camt100.ca