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Our Board of Directors


The CAMT Board of Directors is elected by the CAMT membership. Executive membership is open to all full members of CAMT with a minimum of one year teaching experience. Members are nominated for the executive committee in early autumn and voting takes place at the annual general meeting held during the annual fall conference.


CAMT 2020-2021 Board of Directors


President: Claudia Langois

Past - President: Vacant

Vice-President/Treasurer: Terrence Millie

Secretary: Sarah Doughty

Director, Communications: Sarah Doughty

Director, Membership: Nandita Agarwala

Director, Programming: Pam Leudke

Director At Large: Matt Smith

Director At Large: Laura McDonald

Director At Large: Ankie Yip

Director at Large: Maryanne Thomson

Director at Large: Vacant

Introducing Claudia Langlois:

Board Member since 2011

Currently President

Claudia Langlois (she/her) has been involved with CAMT for 15 years and has been on the board of directors since 2011. She has been a supportive member of CAMT for 29 years. Claudia is also affiliated with CCMA. 

While living in Germany, Claudia noticed Montessori schools and started to visit them. Struck by the similarities in materials, the independence in children, and the individuality of each school, yet knowing nothing about the true philosophy, Claudia chose a path in Montessori education. Upon discovering what Montessori education entails, Claudia realized this was a lifestyle she had always been following and an education she would have thrived in as a child. Knowing this reality has allowed her to continuously work towards her transformation as an adult as she follows the child. Always willing to learn, explore and discover, Claudia ensures that a sense of wonder prevails as she looks at the world around her. Claudia’s passion for nature, the environment and a betterment for humanity is exhibited throughout her school’s community, Northumberland Montessori School.   At NMS, she is a guide where she is needed in both the Children’s House and the Elementary program. Currently, the school has a Children’s House Community for ages  2.5 to 4 and a program the students call Casamentary which includes the ages 4 to 10. Spending time in these communities is an honour. For Claudia, serving the child and the world, and bringing awareness to adults for change is a daily task. The unique qualities of Montessori education provide endless opportunities to inspire change for the future. 

Claudia’s Montessori career began at Toronto Montessori Institute in 1992 where she obtained MACTE certification for ages 2.5 – 12 years. The essence of Montessori was instilled for Claudia at TMI by Sighle Fitzgerald who obtained her knowledge and wisdom from two women who were guided by Maria Montessori, Margaret Homfray and Phoebe Child, at the St. Nicholas Foundation in England. Having influence from AMI, AMS, and MACTE certified trainers provided her with a fabulous Montessori foundation. The life long learning continued as she had a desire to know what happens in Montessori education for the student who is older than 12. This curiosity lead Claudia towards completing the AMS Secondary I-II coursework through Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teachers Education Program. Claudia holds a Masters of Ed, which is concentrated in Montessori education, from Xavier University. Claudia is currently attending Montessori Teacher’s College’s Trainer of Trainers program.  Her objective is to instill awe, and the Montessori essence in adults so they can appreciate the whole child in their glorious spirit. A child loves life, and life is to love. 

Claudia is very pleased to have been with CAMT through its journey of growth these many years, as a volunteer and a board director at large. As president, she looks forward to the momentum of energy and ideas that comes with rejuvenation, as the CAMT board works towards professional development and support for Canadian Montessori educators.  She feels that working together through education and a common mindset will help spread the essence of Montessori to communities. Moving forward with the virtual reality makes it much easier to reach out to those who live on the vast beautiful spaces in Canada. Claudia believes that working together will bring a united Canadian Montessori Community. 

Introducing Terrence Millie:

Board Member since 2015

Currently Vice President

As a guide to childhood, Terrence Millie (he/him) believes that adults have a responsibility to create physical and emotional environments for children that contain the materials, activities, and relationships that are worthy of being inculcated into developing human beings.   Together with their adults, young learners are able to develop naturally and become capable and inquisitive people that are prepared for a life of curiosity and learning.  Terrence is committed to supporting 6 - 12 year olds as a teacher trainer in training, as a mentor to other Montessori guides, and as an organizing member of the Montessori community.


With over 15 years of living in a Montessori way, Terrence has been a guide in environments for children from 18 months through 12 years of age.  He has practiced in and observed environments around the world including China, Norway, Sweden, Germany, USA and his home country, Canada.  He holds his Association Montessori Internationale diploma at the 3 - 6 level, the 6 - 12 level, as well as the Montessori Core Principles Certification covering the entire span of development from birth through the elderly years. 


Terrence works as course assistant at the Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies, is the Vice President of the Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers, and is a MEd candidate at Vancouver Island University.  


Terrence believes that together, we can unlock the human potential within each of us.

Introducing Sarah Doughty:

CAMT Board Member since 2013

Currently Director of Communications

My name is Sarah (she/her) and my first introduction to Montessori was as a 3 year old when I started at Dearcroft Montessori School, in Oakville, Ontario. I continued there until I aged out of the program after Lower Elementary. I have very fond memories of my time as a student at Dearcroft. My mother followed me into Montessori, taking her training a few years after enrolling me in school, and then working in the 3-6 classroom for the next 20 years, before moving onto Teacher Training and Consulting in China. Needless, to say, becoming a Montessori teacher was never far from my mind as it was time to make those important life choices after high school. I took a detour into Radio Broadcasting, however after a few years I took my Montessori training. I received my AMS/MACTE certification at Sheridan College.


I have been teaching in the 3-6 environment for 12 years now, and love every minute, even when it’s hard. I was introduced to CAMT during my training, and have been on the board almost as long as I have been teaching. I am currently the Director of Communications for CAMT and I truly believe that our educational journeys are never finished, and that ongoing Professional Development is necessary for our craft, and our sanity! When you have that one child that you just can’t seem to reach, or that difficult conversation with parents that didn’t go as you had hoped, and you just need to find the answer … that’s when you need to talk to other Montessorians. That’s what I love about CAMT, it’s a group of Montessorians who work together to create meaningful learning opportunities for the Canadian Montessori Community. We have lots of exciting things coming up this school year, including a monthly coffee house meeting for those moments when you just need to talk to someone! See you there.

Introducing Nandita Agarwala:

Board Member since 2012

Currently Member at Large, Past Director of Programming

A passionate and true Montessori Educator and a loved directress, Nandita Agarwala has dedicated her life to the development of children. She holds a Diploma in Montessori Education since 1987. She subsequently completed the Toddler Montessori Training and Lower Elementary training in India. She continues to teach and learn, all at the same time. 

Nandita completed her MACTE certification (Casa) after she moved to Toronto in 2006.She has also completed her Trainer of trainers’ Course from the Montessori Teachers College, Toronto in 2015 and was a guest lecturer at the college. She has completed the Montessori Dementia training and gives workshops to Montessori Educators and Caregivers in the application of the Montessori philosophy when working with people living with dementia.

She is the Director-at-large of The Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers and is also associated closely with the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators. She has conducted numerous workshops for parents and educators. She has founded ‘Montessori for Moms and caregivers….’ through which she conducts parent education workshops and courses. She also helps interested parties to start up new Montessori Schools and offers on-going consultation. Most recently, she has partnered with a colleague to start a new venture called “The Sacred Kaksha (Classroom)’ and plans to hold workshops and webinars to delve deep into the  realms of Montessori Education as it was meant to be. 

Nandita is the proud mother of two boys aged 32 and 29.

Introducing Pam Leudke:

Pamela Leudke (she/her)

CAMT Board Member Since 2017 

Currently Director of Programming 

My name is Pamela Leudke.  I have been a Montessori teacher for 26 years I received both my Primary and Elementary Montessori training from Toronto Montessori Institute.  I also have a Masters of Education from OISE/U of T.  I have taught in schools both here in Canada, the U.S. at the Primary and Elementary levels.  I have volunteered in Tanzania, Africa for the past 15 years with the Olive Branch For Children, developing Montessori kindergartens in a remote area of the country.  I am as passionate today as I was when I graduated about the Montessori philosophy and methodology.  It is an amazing way for children to learn and develop to their highest potential.  I am proud and honoured to be part of the CAMT Board of Directors, helping to bring together Montessori educators from across Canada to grow and learn in Montessori best practices, from each other and renown educators, both in Montessori and other educational specialty areas.   

In my free time I like to run, hike, garden, cook, read and create with my hands. 

I am very excited about the 2021-2022 school year and all that CAMT is going to be offering its members.  I look forward to working with all of the inspiring Board members and networking with our Montessori educators in a variety of formats.  It is going to be an enriching and exciting year! 

Introducing Matt Smith:

Board Member since 2021

Currently Member at Large

Introducing Laura McDonald:

Board Member since 2021

Currently Member at Large

Introducing Ankie Yip:

Board Member since 2021

Currently Member at Large
BA Hons. Dbl. Maj., MEd

Ankie is experienced in private educational settings and has led a substantial client base at specialty academies and educational organizations since 2005. She holds a BA honours double major in Communication Studies and Cultural Studies from York University. She has an additional one-year Master of Education with High Honours with a specialization in Montessori Education from the USA, and Elementary Montessori Levels I and II (TMI/MACTE) diploma credential in Toronto, Canada.

During her experience as a graduate student professional in the USA, she completed a practicum at a leading K-12 Episcopal independent college preparatory day school, and trained in psychometric evaluations. She was the Graduate Program Assistant, annual Graduate Open House assistant organizer, recipient of a Graduate School High Honours award, and an organizing team member of a campus TEDx independent event. She also acquired an Elementary Level I and II diploma credential at TMI in Ontario, Canada where she participated in a lab school environment at a leading independent school, completed site visits and pedagogical placements at private schools throughout Ontario.

She has had leadership experience in accredited independent school settings, as well as instrumental academies throughout Ontario, Canada. She holds an elementary pedagogy certificate from The Royal Conservatory since 2006, receiving her training with a Chief Examiner Emeritus, and a Level 10 Piano examinations certificate since 2001.

She is looking forward to contributing to the field of education and as a member of the CAMT Board.

Introducing Maryanne Thomson:

Board Member since 2021

Currently Member at Large

Maryanne is a Graduate of the Montessori Teachers College in Toronto. She was privileged to learn under the mentorship of Paula Glasgow. Paula was her field placement trainer and supervisor.

Maryanne holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Masters  Degree in Education. Her passion was music and she studied piano and flute at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto. She loved being the music teacher at 2 of her Montessori schools in the early years.

She continues to support and share in the story with children and young adults with special needs. Her first position in a Montessori school was as an EA supporting a student with Autism. She fell in love with the Montessori methodology and program.

Maryanne has been teaching for many years in Casa and Pre Casa(Toddler) in Markham and Whitby.

Maryanne writes, “These years have been a humbling experience as a Guide in the classroom. The children are experiencing new and amazing opportunities for growth and discovery. It is a sacred period of their lives and I feel honoured to share this precious time with them.”

Maryanne has completed the Montessori Dementia Training Course and has been accepted in the Training for Teachers Program in the new year.

Thank you to all of the past CAMT Board Members who helped to get us where we are today!

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors you can email us at

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Contact the CAMT office at

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